Hotel Team Training



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We understand that it is difficult for small and medium-sized boutique hotels to develop and implement a comprehensive team training programs on their own because of different constraints. We believe that cultivating service enthusiasm and motivation for the team is far more important than their academic background and experience. Our team training program aims at the specific needs of small-scale properties, using cost-effective tools to reach the maximum training results.

  • Staff Orientation – Instilling brand value and hotel culture to the staff, providing proper operating procedures and employment paperwork
  • System Training – Educating staff to use technology solutions to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs
  • Course Training – Developing comprehensive capabilities of the employees in an economical way
  • Case Study – Giving real life examples and analysis of hotels around the world, developing the problem-solving ability of employees
  • Role-Playing – Using simulated scenarios to train up the capability of judgement, decision-making and leadership
  • Team Building – Fostering mutual understanding, collaboration and team spirit