Mystery Shopper Survey



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The only way for small to medium-sized boutique hotels to excel in the extremely competitive market, is to provide high-quality customer service and create a unique accommodation experience for their guests. However, in reality, many brand standards and ideas from the hotel top management cannot be performed and transformed into actual guest satisfaction and loyalty, due to poor execution and implementation of frontline staff. Therefore, ensuring a consistent and reliable performance of frontline staff and monitoring a smooth operation become the key to the hotel’s success.
In order to help hotel owners or management team understand whether the daily operation and performance meet the brand standards, we can provide mystery shoppers to conduct a comprehensive evaluation. 
Our secret appraisers will act as usual guests, stay in the hotel and evaluate the score of the hotel performance by conducting objective assessments based on the six major criteria, rating more than a hundred items in total. 
After obtaining the data, our team will conduct an in-depth analysis and compile a report for the hotel for reference. By making lateral (among hotel competitive set) and vertical (against hotel’s performance at different times) comparisons, the hotel can understand its strength and weaknesses in order to make improvement.

The assessment criteria
  1.  Hotel Environment
  2.  Rooms and Facilities
  3.  Sales and Reservation Process
  4.  Employee Performance
  5.  Operating System
  6.  Crisis Management