F&B Consulting Service
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Exceptional food and beverage service will create additional return and goodwill for boutique hotels. And yet without adequate know-how and lack of experience, the possible mistakes will jeopardize the return. Our professional consultancy team provide comprehensive and practical recommendations for food and beverage operations. 

• “F&B Brand” implementing stylish and trendy elements into the brand, creating a positive brand image and reputation
• “Guest Experience” improving guest satisfaction and loyalty, optimizing hotel rankings and ratings on major online platforms
• “Operations Consultant” providing comprehensive recommendations in various fields such as budget, human resources management, furniture and equipment, procurement, system and menu design
• “Revenue Management” establishing new sales channels and potential customers, improving the turnover rate and average check, hence maximizing the revenue by utilizing idle space and time
• “Marketing” repositioning closely with the latest trend, optimizing online social media strategies, making full use of data analysis to achieve efficient and low-cost promotion
• “Innovative Marketing” utilizing new promotion channels such as KOL influencer, video marketing, and WOM recommendations to form a synergy with promotion campaigns on social media platforms