Hotel Pre-Opening Preparation
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The preparation for opening of a small to medium-sized boutique hotel is an art, but also a science.
Many pre-opening boutique hotels in a newly built or converted building possess excellent hardware. And yet, without adequate preparation and lack of pre-opening experience, the possible delay or mistakes and will jeopardize the return for owners and investors.
Typically, the pre-opening stage of a small to medium-sized boutique hotel takes around 1-2 years. Within that important period there can actually be the make-or-break moments for the hotel. A well-prepared opening can put the operations on track in early-stage and generate profitable returns. Ocean Sky Hotel Management team are experienced professionals for pre-opening consultancy, covering 2 phases in our service spectrum.
Phase I – Hotel construction
  • Collaborate with architects, engineers and designers to ensure that the construction of the hotel complies with building and licensing standards as well as the practical operational needs
  • Work together with contractors to assure the furniture, equipment and facilities are suitable for the standards and operational needs.
  • Provide professional advices for the allocation of rooms, publics areas and back office
  • Selection and suggestion of hotel theme, design, hardware and decoration
  • Responsible for setting financial budget and analysis in the pre-opening stage
Phase II – Pre-opening
  • Prepare the hotel operating budget
  • Establish an accurate market positioning, target customers and pricing
  • Examine and analyze major competitors’ performance
  • Create a marketing promotion plan and its budget
  • Set up major online booking platforms and create promotional content
  • Select marketing channels and draft the promotional content
  • Set up online social media platforms and create promotional content
  • Plan on the human resources structure and budget
  • Recruit core management team and conduct relevant training
  • Establish a database of suppliers and service providers
  • Procurement of room amenities and daily consumables
  • Recommend service providers for property management system and installation
  • Create standard operating procedures and policies
  • Set up maintenance schedule and specification
  • Implement hotel accounting system and its process
  • Propose hotel technology solutions