‘Horigin’ Metaverse Hotel Platform

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OSHM is proud to be the pioneer in the industry to create its own Metaverse hotel platform – “Horigin”. This one-of-a-kind platform can provide the guests an all-new immersive hotel accommodation experience, combining various online and offline interactions. Guests can use the wearable Virtual Reality devices provided by the hotels to enter the “Horigin” Metaverse hotel platform in a first-person-view mode, in order to immerse themselves into its unique social and entertainment experience with their own avatar models.

Enjoying the all new “Horigin” Metaverse hotel experience:
• Immersion – An immersive and closest-to-reality experience on the “Horigin” virtual hotel platform
• Simulation – The virtual hotel imitates the real hotel scene and brings an interesting online experience
• Travel Experience – Innovating a new mode of travel by incorporating the online and offline elements of hotel accommodation into the important parts of travel experience
• Identity – A unique avatar can be created and customized by every guest to socialize on the virtual hotel platform, with record in the system that can automatically restored when logging in during the next stay
• Social – Meet hotel guests from around the world in virtual hotel restaurants and public spaces, as well as to share the unique experiences on social media
• Interaction – Interact, chat and compete in real-time with other guest players
• Entertainment – Play various games in “HoriPlay” , enjoy visual and audio entertainment and participate in special events by the virtual hotel during different festive occasions
• Wellbeing – Exercise, relax or meditate anytime, anywhere in the virtual hotel gym
• Enjoyment – Bringing costly real-world enjoyment online and easily accessible via 3D virtual technology
• Reward – Combining the virtual platform and the real world, play-to-earn, exchange virtual “HoriCoin” for actual hotel rewards
• Community – Building hotel community by applying blockchain technology and non-fungible token (NFT) to replace traditional hotel loyalty programs