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Our professional hotel management consultancy team provide comprehensive and practical recommendations for small to medium-sized boutique hotels, helping the hotel achieve various operational goals. Our team with relevant academic background, in-depth industry experience and a broad business perspective, can formulate the best strategies in the extremely competitive market. As an external party, we are the best solution to improve your hotel operation efficiency and reliability, as well as to provide objective analysis and recommendations for your hotel.
If your small and medium-sized boutique hotel is facing these obstacles:
  • Operated for a certain period of time and do not have a clear objective and market positioning
  • Lack of professional industry knowledge and experience, having vague operational strategies and loose implementation
  • Fail to attract target customers because of lacking brand characteristics and personality
  • Hotel facilities, interior design and ambience are too old-fashioned
  • Do not have knowledge of hotel technology solutions
  • Miss the opportunity to seize the market
  • No way to start an online digital marketing campaign
  • Setting a wrong room rate and cannot attract the target segment
  • Little understanding on pricing, occupancy rate and revenue management
  • Fail to take advantage of the strength and effective use of resources
  • Do not know how to seek and delegate suitable talents
  • Fail to monitor procurement channels and cost control
  • Quality of service and quality control are less than satisfactory
  • Unsatisfied with the hotel rankings and ratings
Contact us now! Let us tailor-make the best operational strategies for you.