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The preparation for opening of a small to medium-sized boutique hotel is an art, but also a science.
Many pre-opening boutique hotels in a newly built or converted building possess excellent hardware. And yet, without adequate preparation and lack of pre-opening experience, the possible delay or mistakes and will jeopardize the return for owners and investors.
Our creative and experienced team will act as a watchkeeper in the challenging business environment nowadays. We are confident to create value in all these areas by using our innovation, proficiency and reliability:
1. “Guest Experience” improving guest satisfaction and loyalty, optimizing hotel rankings and ratings on major online platforms
2. “Hotel Brand” infusing young, stylish and trendy elements into the brand, creating a positive brand image and reputation
3. “Revenue Management” building up new sales channels, improving the room occupancy rate (Occ) as well as the average daily rate (ADR), boosting the revenue per available room for rental (RevPAR), hence maximizing the revenue
4. “Marketing” repositioning in the market along with the latest trend, optimizing online social media strategies, making full use of data analysis to achieve efficient and low-cost promotion
5. “Facilities and Services” utilizing the hotel resources to their best, discovering new revenue streams
6. “Cost Control” making advantage of our procurement channels and bulk purchase to reduce operating cost, thus increasing the gross operating profit (GOP)
7. “Team Management” strengthening team management and training, delegating and sharing human resources properly to save operating costs and increase the gross operating profit (GOP)
8. “Technology Innovation” adopting cost-effective technological innovation to enhance internal productivity and guest experience
9. “Quality Control” implementing a strict quality control, setting up proper training and evaluation system
10. “Property Value” adding extra value to the property by increasing revenue, cutting operating costs and maximizing the gross operating profit (GOP)
11. “Professional Reports” submitting detailed regular reports, consolidating the hotel’s operation and financial performance for owners