Pop Hotel Dotonbori



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Superbly situated at the premier tourist destination Dotonbori in central Osaka, Pop Hotel overlooks the famous Dotonborigawa River from the riverside. Every evening, colorful neon lights and flashing signboards of thousands of restaurants and shops light up the sky. The hotel is only few minutes from popular tourist spots Namba, Shinsaibashi, and the Kuromon Food Market.

Crafted by award-winning designer EDGE Design Institute, its 45 guestrooms are charmed with fascinating furniture and stylish interiors. The hotel attracts those who seek a closer look into local entertainment, dining, and abundant nightlife in the flourishing area. Hotel guests could get connected with the most exciting happenings in fashion, music, and design. It is also a place that cultivates modern artistic and culture interactions for the young and mid-career travelers.