Metaverse Hotel Solution



OSHM is ready to tailor-make suitable and feasible Metaverse solutions for small to medium-sized boutique hotels, by creating their 3D virtual hotels at our own Metaverse hotel platform “Horigin”. Hoteliers can utilize the versatile possibilities of Metaverse plus the all-rounded services, to maximize the return and reputation for hotel owners and stakeholders.

“Metaverse” is definitely one of the hottest topics in recent years. The year 2021 had even been coined as the “Metaverse: Year One”. With wearable Virtual Reality devices, users can enter the three-dimensional online realm of Metaverse and immerse themselves into its unique social and entertainment experience with their own avatar models.

Nowadays, the application of Metaverse in most industries are still at the development and evolving stage. OSHM is always striving to stay ahead of the game and determined to be the most innovative and creditable hotel management company for small to medium-sized boutique hotels in Hong Kong. OSHM is proud to be the pioneer in the industry to create its own Metaverse hotel platform – “Horigin”. This one-of-a-kind platform can provide the guests an all-new immersive hotel accommodation experience, combining various online and offline interactions.

“Horigin” Metaverse hotel solutions include:

• Planning – Market research and survey, pre-project planning, budgeting, project timeline, technical feasibility studies, hardware configurations

• Design – Background story outline, art style design, space design, flow design, avatar design, etc.
• Construction – Programming, model building, art production, visual and sound effects, special effects, prototype testing, etc.
• Operation – Daily operation and maintenance of the virtual hotel, promotion and marketing, encouraging online-offline interactions, driving additional revenue for the actual hotel

Frequently Asked Questions:
1. What is “Metaverse”? The Metaverse is an online three-dimensional virtual world that users can enter through wearable VR devices. Users can interact with other online users, explore and enjoy various immersive social and entertainment experience.

2. What is “Horigin Metaverse Hotel”?
The Horigin Metaverse hotel platform provides hotel guests with an integrated online and offline hotel accommodation experience to enjoy. Guests can log in to the Horigin Metaverse hotel platform in an immersive first-person-view mode through the wearable VR devices provided by the hotel, to create a new avatar character and interact with other hotel guests on the platform, explore virtual hotel facilities, play HoriPlay games on the platform and win HoriCoin rewards and enjoy various interactive entertainment experiences.

3. Is Horigin a virtual game?
No. Horigin utilizes 3D technology to replicate the real hotel scenes and allow users to interact, experience and explore. Horigin can provide hotel guests with real-time useful information, create new promotion channels and allow users to earn HoriCoin while playing to redeem actual hotel rewards, bringing an integrated online and offline hotel accommodation experience.

4. Who does the Horigin team consist of?
Horigin team members come from Hong Kong, Taiwan and the United States. Members include hotel management professionals, software engineers, programmers, visual designers, marketing professionals, etc. The team combines the expertise and creativity in various fields to create the most innovative Metaverse solutions for hotel clients.

5. Is the Horigin Metaverse solution suitable for any types of hotels?
Hotels of any types or sizes should consider building a virtual hotel that are closely linked to their physical hotels on the Metaverse Hotel platform. Horigin Metaverse hotel solutions can help hotels to stay ahead of the game, attract a new generation of young consumers with constant upgrades and transformation.

6. What positive impacts the Horigin Metaverse hotel solution can bring to the hotel?
Adopting innovative Metaverse hotel solutions can bring appeal to tech savvy young consumers. It also provides new promotion channels and brings additional revenue for hotel. The new integrated online and offline accommodation experience will become one of the most unforgettable aspects in their journey. This unique and interesting experience will not be bounded by physical location, space or hardware, hence allow the hotel to conceptualize their creativity to the fullest. Through blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens (NFT), a hotel community can be established to enhance customer loyalty and replace traditional hotel membership system. The continuous advancement of Metaverse technology will also bring infinite possibilities to the future of hotel industry.

7. What are the expenses for adopting the Horigin Metaverse solution?
The expenses are mainly divided into four categories, including software development and design, hardware equipment setup, cloud service subscription, daily management and maintenance. Horigin team will tailor-make and recommend the most suitable and cost-effective Metaverse hotel solutions based on client’s requirements.

8. Are all the virtual hotels on the Horigin Metaverse Hotel platform the same? Horigin team will develop a unique Metaverse hotel solution for every client according to their actual needs. By going through site inspections, customer interviews, market research and data analysis, Horigin team can create a virtual hotel with clients’ own characteristics and style.

9. Does the hotel need to hire additional staff after adopting the Horigin Metaverse hotel solution?
The Horigin professional team under OSHM provides hotel clients with one-stop service of virtual hotel planning, design, construction and operations. Hotels would not require any extra staff and resources to manage the system.

10. Is it too early for hotels to enter the Metaverse?
Technology has driven the rapid evolution of the third-generation Internet (Web 3.0), hence the expected bloom and growth of metaverse in all industries. Same as the previous social media platforms have rapidly become popular in the past two decades, the future of Metaverse will be unstoppable. Hotel owners and managers must take the initiative to enter the Metaverse Hotel platform and become a pioneer in the industry.